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The ‘Depth’ of IKKOS

One of the first questions we typically get about IKKOS is ‘Cant I just use YouTube?’ or ‘Do I have to use the VR headset?’  And the answer is… ‘Of course and no.  We have just seen IKKOS to be a more effective and efficient learning experience than conventional teaching.  And like any tool that increases communication depth and speed, it is an invaluable resource in any coaches and/or athlete’s repertoire’

Huh?  Sure Charlie won a gold medal.  Mark made the USA National Team.  Eric broke an American Record training 2-3x week for 45 minutes.  Fast rising NCAA teams send out Vines.  But come on…  Why?

Every Sunday I will deconstruct precepts of IKKOS that make it compelling.  This week…2

Since conscious awareness of this precision could help guide the planning of motor action, the hypothesis provides a functional account for the important secondary phenomenal characteristics associated with stereopsis: the impression of interactability and realness.2

Depth (stereopsis) is determined by the different views of the two eyes. By creating the perception of depth we increase the opportunity for plasticity as the brain interprets the presented images.

In a study regarding plasticity for individuals effected by amblyopiaThe recovery in visual acuity that we observed is at least 5-fold faster than would be expected from occlusion therapy in childhood amblyopia.3

Amazing right?  I know we at IKKOS are geniuses of the highest regard.  But before your deafening applause overwhelms us mere mortals, we, like many before, are simply innovating with an intention to impact application of theory to performance. 3Next week, I’ll discuss how IKKOS content expands upon the hardware of its predecessors to deliver pertinent sensory information unique to specific motor movements.  This indicates that some brain areas of the visual cortex are relatively multimodal and may be recruited for depth processing via a sense other than vision.1


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What We Call “Talent” Is Actually Strategy

You don’t need to be touched by the hand of Zeus to be great. Your mindset and strategy are the most important components to your success. This short video will give background as to why you can overcome the perception of ‘talent’.